My Services

My services

Guitarist Jens Mayer

You need a guitar part for a song?

I can add quality guitar parts for your song or product. Just contact me along with your project and song info. We will agree on a budget and I record the guitar parts in my professional studio in all necessary formats and versions.or book me for a studio session.

You need a guitar player for live/touring?

I am available for live projects and touring projects in different styles and I’m very good at adapting to a situation. This includes not only the playing, but also the visuals.

You need a demonstrator for a product or a review?

I can make sure your product gets the attention it deserves so all potential will be unlocked, whether it is through product demoing, demonstrating or reviewing.

You are interested in taking guitar lessons?

I am available for taylored guitar lessons in my studio or via Skype.