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Jens Mayer

Known for his work with Moerlen's Gong in 2000, Jens Mayer has established himself as a tasteful guitarist. Always playing from the heart,
delivering great tone, incorporating  soulful bendings and never overplaying, Jens just knows what is right for a song.
Yet when it is time to burn, he uses his virtuoso liquid playing style to transport strong emotions no matter which music genre (Rock, Fusion, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Country, R'n'B, Salsa etc..)


  • In 2008, Jens released his first self-titled album "Steppin'up" which features among oters a guest appearence from Jean-Luc Ponty/Chick Corea guitarist Jamie Glaser.
  • Jens has studied and played privately with guitar giants Tom Quayle, Alex Hutchings and Jack Thammarat.
    Jens has attended mumerous workshops with Frank Gambale, Mike Stern, Andy Timmons, Jack Gardiner, Nick Jonston and many other guitar greats.
  • In March 2019 Jens joined Martin Engelien's GoMusic for Martin Engelien's GoMusic Tour 03/2019. Due to the huge success a follow up GoMusic Tour was made in April 2022.
  • When not gigging or producing for his own label JC music in his studio, Jens is constantly working on evolutionizing his playing style.
  • You can catch Jens live with JCT, Go Music, Katie Grant, Mind of Blue, and many other artists.


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